we believe God has created us to be like Him.
We serve a GENEROUS God.

Our DNA is to be a church that is GENEROUS.
Everything that we have belongs to Him and we want to be good stewards. We believe our attitude towards money and possessions matters. Do we reflect the heart of our generous God?
Or do we hold tight to what we have with a closed fist?
We believe that when we give, we resemble our Father. That’s why we want to be both wise and generous with our money and possessions.

Every dollar you give to Innerstate Church will result in lives changed, both in our city and across the globe!

We are financially supported by faithful people who believe in our mission.

Thank you for believing in the mission and being a part of something great!

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PO BOX 1655

Wendell, NC 27591

For any questions regarding giving please email us or call us. 



Rest assure that all donations will help us reach the mission of INNERSTATE Church

by helping many people find hope and discover their purpose in life. 

All donations are 100% tax-deductible.